Why EarthBorn?

As full-time working moms with multiple precious children, we desire to raise a healthy family and have the time to spend with them. Trying to find affordable daily products that have healthy and therapeutic ingredients has been a difficult task.  Both of us have tried countless products finding high prices and more often than not still finding additives and things that we truly did not want to use on ourselves or our kids. We have decided to spend our time to change what is being offered, to educate, and to provide handmade all-natural and therapeutic products to everyone at affordable prices. 

Our journey with EarthBorn started with a few ideas and blossomed into something we weren’t truly expecting. We have spent countless hours researching ingredients and specially formulating our products for you, our customers, to ensure that we are providing you with healthy and therapeutic products. The majority of our products are infused with essential oils which have been used for centuries to support all of our body systems and promote a healthier quality of life. Not only is the air we breathe in our homes increasingly toxic but daily products we use on our body also have toxic ingredients that enter through our skin. This leads to disease and dysfunction in our bodies, decreasing our quality of life. We are passionate about helping others improve their quality of life by using products that support instead of hurt their bodies! Join us in this movement! 

 We aren't done yet! There will continue to be additions to our product line so we can meet all your needs. Thank you for taking the time to join us in making a change! 

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